Monday, November 17, 2008

Ugh! These Three Again.

Seriously these outfits have to have a mad case of "ring around the collar" by now. Oh, and "swamp ass crust" in their khaki-cameltoe-pants. The Irwin's, sans Steve, are at it again! This time they're at the 2nd Annual Steve Irwin Day at the Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. What a treat.

Hopefully Bindi performed a wonderful song for the crowd. This just in: Bindi, that f'n bitch, did in fact perform a brilliant number for crowd. Bindi dressed like a colorful bird and sang while pretending that she's not going to need a life time of therapy in years to come.
Later, Terri took to the stage, dressed ever-so femininely with her big brown belt and khaki Dockers pulled up to her boobs, and spoke to the crowd. Notice how her hand is verrrry close to Steve Irwin's cardboard cutout crotch. And bonus points for Kenny Rogers taking the stage with her as well.

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