Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wait, Is Oprah the New President?

Ugh I hate writing anything on this blog that's political because I pretty much don't take anything seriously. Then I saw Oprah. So I figured it was acceptable. In my best Oprah impression.....ahem.....ahem......"Meet your new President, Barack Obaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa!"
In case you've been pinned under a bus for the past 9 hours (1) call for help and (2) Obama is the new President of the United States (that's America). So let's see how it goes in January. Hopefully he can somehow give us 4 more years of The Hills. I assume that's what the President's focus on. They do, right?
P.S --> Do you think Elisabeth Hasselbeck imploded?


boishglamorpuss in CA said...

the $20 my pimp let me keep from all my hard work outside the polling venue last night is on Hasslebutt not showing up today. 20 minutes till we know for sure! And I need the product info for the pink tool set. Can't let that one pass me by. Thanks harriett!

boishglamorpuss in CA said...

She showed, and showed tremendous class and humility in her comments. Sherri's comments were touching as well. Damn. I proudly cut my piece of humble pie, and say bye to my hard earned $20. Huggy Bear is gona make me work extra hard tonight......knee pads, bitches!!!!