Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Any Chance This Was the Dress Lauren Conrad Wanted To Be Buried In, According to Her Will?

Lauren Conrad, dressed like she's going to the funeral of Spencer Pratt, was all smiles while attending the Dolce & Gabana opening night benefit for the Art Elysium. I don't really care what any of that means. Point being, LC looks like a widow.

I forgot to mention this during yesterday's Hills recap, but do you think Lauren was more upset over the fact that her friend, Whitney, was moving to New York City, or the fact that just about everyone in Lauren's life bails on her. Jason Wahler. Brody Jenner. Heidi Montag. Audrina (every now and then). Jen Bunney (R.I.P --where has she been?). Lo (at one point). Stephen Colletti. Kristin Cavallari. LC's parents (sold their home). And now, Whitney. I'm sure if The Hills stays on for a few more seasons, there's bound to be another 5-10 people who peace out of Lauren's life. Eh, here's to wishful thinking.

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L*H said...

She looks beautiful what would you know ? boys dont have a clue unless they are gay? =]