Monday, December 01, 2008

Britney For the Record. Thanks For Making Me Feel Like Such a Jerk

So you can all pretend that you didn't watch "Britney: For the Record" last night, but I know the truth. I know you did. I also know you watched it again directly after it aired the first time. I'm like Visa. I'm everywhere.
Let me just say that after the first scene of Britney's dad making her daughter breakfast and him saying, "I'm making my baby cheese grits" I was thanking Jesus Claus that I remembered this "documentary" was on. I was sure it would be filled with "y'alls" and other white-trash paraphernalia. Moments later I found myself asking Jesus Claus for forgiveness as I immediately began feeling bad for all the mean things I wrote about Britney over the past 2.5 years. I'm pretty sure my blackened heart turned a light red after watching this.
I am, however, a little confused on what the messaging of this documentary was supposed to be. I mean, I can't be the only one who's confused about this. And why was Britney always looking slightly upward and to the left every time she was asked a question? Anyway, so is the messaging supposed to be that Britney has come back stronger than ever and wants to really sing and dance again? Or is the message supposed to be that Britney is basically in a depression and is "sad" because her dad controls her money, Larry Rudolph controls her career, and she is a prisoner in LA because her husband lives there and the court won't let her have her children and move? I'm sorta thinking it's the later because she kinda said all of those things. Some of those things were said whilst crying.
In conclusion, I actually felt bad for Britney. Not in a way where I pity her because thinking about her $125 million took the "pity card" away. In fact, I probably felt bad because of the dramatically sad music they played in the background and all those shots of her looking sadly out the window.
I would like to apply for a job of just traveling around with Britney and making jokes all day long just to make her laugh. Is there an application for that? Oh, and she really is looking good again so perhaps I can also do a little snooky-poo with her. Eh, I'll be sure to ask about that during the interview process.
What did you guys think about Britney: For the Record? Did you all feel as horrible as me for making fun of her all these years? Do all bloggers go to heaven?


JayVee said...

I'd have to agree - the message of the documentary is a bit odd - I mean, it's apparent the girl is depressed and folks are still milking the cow. But, I guess it is to justify some her wacked out behavior - like "don't blame me, ya'll, I'm so lonely, I do it for friends."

Not gonna lie - I'm kinda crushing on her right now. She can pay me to hang out with her and be her friend.

Btw, I blame Justin Timberlake for all her problems. Bastard.

JDizzle said...

Um am I the only one who noticed how she didn't take ownership of her own actions. All she did was cry poor me and claimed that someone else made her do it. ...."Everyone shaves their head?"...yeah Brits.
Once again MTV brought out the trash.

Lauren said...

Fame is a double edged sword. That's really the message. She made bad decisions and is living with the consequences of her actions now. The kids are the sad part.

Taylor said...

I recorded it, to watch later like usual. I have never hated on her. I was actually literally afraid for her life the entire time she was going thru this 'episode' and I always wondered where the hell her parents where in all this. SOMEONE had to step in.. and it should have been way before they did. Watching someone implode in public was disgusting. Going on with the play by play of them chasing her all over the city with 'minute to minute updates' was sick. South Park did a episode about her, and it was their best ever. It explained really clearly the hypocrisy ( yes its spelled right, I looked it up ) of the media.

Taylor said...

also, IBBB, don't feel too bad, that picture of her on a stretcher where you put ' I'm just country y'all' was the IBBB moment of the year. I never laughed so hard

Anonymous said...

"My baby daddy lives in California so I can't leave"

smashley said...

here is some thoughts i pondered while watching the documentary. twice.

DAMN britney looks hot! her weave has done a 180!

she had a lil pooch when she was trying on clothes ;) still hot

she is in complete denial about therapy. for those statements alone brit needs therapy like none other.

umm in the beginning they said "no question went unanswered" LIES! how about the umbrella incident? how about the accusations of the shaved head to deter hair sample drug testing? how about the million other crazy things she did?
mtv was totally kissing her ass. pansies.

she mostly gave safe, predictable answers. nothing really revealing. boo.

she seemed to resent her dad. a lot.

but overall i liked it, it showed her in a better light. she's human. i too felt bad for slamming her, but she was effin crazy then! now she's improved, yet she seems so meek and withdrawn. sad. like if she said any more, her dad would make her curfew 5pm. oh well. keep gettin better britney.

d-love said...

I feel a lot like ya'll do. On the one hand, she looked great (much better weave and clear skin). On the other hand she was in major denial. She seems to have a brain and is starting to process her life. But she acted like she wasn't doing drugs and doesn't need therapy cause she DANCES. Strange. I wish she'd get back with Justin!, everyone was ragging on her and praising K-Fed. The guy who married her for her $ and career connections - then left her when he was too lazy to work on the marriage - then took her money and her kids. What a scumbag.

Did anyone notice how uncomfortable she looked in that room with Madonna? It was so weird. She was more comfortable with her on stage. She was sitting there like - this lady is invading my personal space - why is she here?

JoeAnn said...

Am i the only one here that felt like she's being typical Britney? Her tell-all is more tell-what-you-already-know-and-give-no-insight. I dunno. Yeah, I feel bad for her but she's a 27 year old woman who could have really stood up and shed some light on bipolar (if thats what she is) She just seems very very hollow and sad. I don't think she's better at all and it just made me sad to see someone so in the dark about there own self. She has yet to really come clean about anything she has said or done.

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for her and all that but then I saw the credits before I rewatched the damn thing again and Larry Rudolph was the executive producer. So it's like yeah no question went unanswered and all that but what the hell did they cut out. You know they agreed to do this with MTV with heavy stipulations otherwise they wouldn't have done it.