Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fun With Lindsay Lohan's Myspace Blog: The Freckly Return!

To freshen up the stale stank around here, IBBB is bringing back a new segment tentatively titled, "Fun With Lindsay Lohan's Myspace Blog!" Catchy. When Lindsay No Pants blogs on her Myspace account people not only listen and comment, but all the freaks come out of the woodwork. The other day Lindsay wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that she and Sam Rotten were not broken up.

Below are some of my favorite comments to Lindsay.....with my thoughts underneath theirs. Good times:

~ Wait a minute. Lindsay must let every comment get posted. I'm totally adding a "Lindsay, are the Friends really friends" comment to her next blog post. Stay tuned!

~ Yes, Kendra, from looking at all the photos of Lindsay and Sam standing emotionless with their heads down, the love really is obvious.

~ Oh yeah, Fernando, you totally have a shot. Not just Lindsay, but women in general love it when men send them messages that say "hehe" along with "jk" and especially the word "wink." I think the only "turn" you'll be getting is the "turn" you give yourself.

~Yeah. Note to self: Stay the holy hell away from Mexico. Additional Note to self: the term "direct communication" scares the piss out of me. Last note to self: Reconsider going to Mexico, but if I run into a person named "Firestar" immediately contact la policia.

~ You tell 'em Peter! What an original thought. I bet no one has ever even thought up the idea of having the paparazzi being in the position that the celebrity is in. You're a girl genius! Stop trying to get Lindsay Lohan to have sex with you by sending her Myspace comments at 1:47 in the morning you sick pervert. Good day.

~ I not only don't believe what you are saying, I have no actual clue what you are saying. Perhaps I'm the one who needs help? I'm sorry, but I do.

~ 4 words: Brilliant.

~ Um, I don't know if these people are "sick" because they asked if they broke up. They only "asked." They didn't try to pick all the freckles off of Lindsay using a roach clip. Even that's not that sick. That's more innovative than sick.

~ Do you also have Myspace turrets? I'm pretty F*ck sure that's Sh!t what Balls that is! Sh!t F*ck!


Renee said...

lol! You made my morning. I'm stuck home with pneumonia which sucks, but this got me to smile :p

carrie johnson fireboo said...

El Kyda,


how great is that.

cnap786 said...

myspace tourettes lmao. WHACK JOBS!!

Anonymous said...

Why does she talk about herself in the third person?