Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hills Season Finale Preview. Yeah That's Right, I'm Posting It.

It must be me just getting a little nostalgic that The Hills is coming to an end so I feel the need to cram in all things "Hills" related before the season finale. Hopefully you will all stick with me even whilst The Hills is off the air, but mostly because you know I'll be recapping the piss out of The City. See? You're all trapped like rats now!
Anyfinale, enjoy the season finale preview and watch Darlene Montag show her horse-life qualities. Enjoy Lauren looking like she's about to pass out when she touches/hugs Heidi. Be there for the court-house drama that you know will go down when Heidi and Steve Sanders make their marriage legal. Personally, I'm hoping that Heidi's horse from Crested Butte storm into the court-house and puts a stop to this marriage. Finally, enjoy Audrina riding into the sunset with Justin Bobby and her helmet, that I sorta think she should wear full time.


carrie johnson fireboo said...

hahaha. apparently, heidi's big dream has always been to starr in a crappy (but i do love it. and hate it.) mtv reality show, and I'm not surprised.

bible my ass.

and I'm sure she has her plastic surgeon's number on speed dial. /Swe

Holly said...

I have decided that "Intervention" needed to be called due to your addiction to The Hills. Please act surprised at your intervention- even try walking out! Maybe Failure Model Chick can be there as well- either at the intervention or at the treatment facility. Happy Blogging to you!

amichelle said...

Haha you girls are hilarious. Towards the end of the season is when i started watching the hills, but now im addicted. another site i blog at about the hills is let me know what you girls think.