Thursday, December 04, 2008

Is the Jonas Brothers and Twilight the Same Thing?

Crap. More reasons why I'm getting old. What the hell is Twilight? Where did it come from? Does Miley Montana or Hannah Cyrus have something to do with this?

All I know is that these two, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (who are pictured at the London premiere of "Twilight" the other day), always look like they've just finished doing lines off each other. Kristen looks like she crawled out of a dumpster and Robert looks like he's about to jump into it.

I don't get any of it. And more importantly, when did I get so old and clueless? I, of course, blame the Jonas Brother for this. I even figured that making fun of that little f'n bitch, Bindi Irwin, would keep me young, fresh, and up-to-date with "the kids," but apparently that's not working. Hopefully the upcoming season of American Idol will make me relevant again.


Taylor said...

I don't know if you watched any NFL football thanksgiving day, but one main game ( I forgot which one, cuz I'm a chick..ok ?! ) had the Jonas Bros on for the half time show. Yea,,,,, all 10 yr old girls watch NFL games right, as for the REAL NFL fans, 30+ yr old men men ... they don't like dudes that look like chicks and pretend they are virgins. THANKS !!

annie said...

you hear all these teenage girls crying over twilight and like everyone else i thought it was annoying, i'm a teenage girl, i saw it, i am now one of those girls. it's a love story. ive seen it three times. it's so good :x.

Debbie said...

I'm with you...I thought Twilight was what you saw when you've been out too late partying...I guess I was wrong!

sharon said...

you are hot and hip=no worries. It stems from a line of youth books.
Id do him tho, AS a vampire.
im just naughty tho. and not a teen girl anymore.