Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Carrie Fisher Please. Thank You.

Who saw the Today Show yesterday? Seriously, I basically just watch the Today Show just to see who's going to show up and go bat-shit-crazy. It's been a long stretch since Tom Cruise called Matt Lauer "glib" but was worth the wait! Enter: Carrie Fisher.

Crazy-ass Carrie Fisher was on the show plugging her new book and telling tales out of school about her life growing up, including drug use, shock therapy, drinking, bi-polar...and the list goes on. The best part is that she's totally making fun of herself for everything that she's gone through, which is so refreshing to see. Typically the "celebrities" make it seem like their life is normal, but not Carrie. She's a wild train wreck and owns it.

Personally, I even liked the way she was sitting on the interview she was a 10 year old. Oh, and my other favorite part was every time Matt Lauer would state a fact like, "Your first marriage ended in divorce...." and Carrie Fisher would act shocked and go, "It did?" Brilliant.
More Carrie Fisher please. Thank you!


Emily Kendy said...

You know what it is, the difference between her and other celebs? She's normal.

Anonymous said...

The real difference is that she makes metal bikinis look good. I'd still bang.