Monday, December 01, 2008

Who in the Holy Hell Knocked Up My Little Olsen? Please Leave Me Your Name.

Sing along if you know the tune:

"My little Olsen, pregnant Olsen,
I love to brush your Tanner-like hair.

My little Olsen, knocked up Olsen,
I can't take you anywhere."

Mary-Michelle-Kate-Ashley-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen is allegedly "with child." Have mercy! This is all according to the National Enquirer because the Olsen in question is said to have gained weight lately that has her tipping the scales at 102 pounds. I shit you not. That's really what they're basing this on. Couldn't she just be off the crack...not pregnant?

Oh Jesus. Papouli must be rolling over in his grave. Oppa!

Who Claims This Crap?


Anonymous said...

Is that Spencer in the background of the picture?

Anonymous said...

^^^^yup, that's him! what a tool.

carrie johnson fireboo said...

why is a steve sanders lookalike in the picture ??? she should choose her company more carefully


justin bobby


Taylor said...


IBBB please comment...

Spencer is such a star fcker

Anonymous said...

they went to school or grew up together or something. she actually made some bad comments about him on letterman a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

here it is, skip to 5:10

Anonymous said...

yeppp thats spencer TWATT in the background. gross. you know he totally jumped in the picture because an olsen twin was in it. such a famewhore!