Monday, December 15, 2008

Whose Italian Grandmother Threw Their Shoe at President Bush?

Seriously? A shoe? Really? Why not just try to bitch slap him with a white dinner glove?

President Bush made a surprise farewell visit to Baghdad over the weekend and whilst giving, what I can only assume was, a very articulate speech an angry man stood up and threw his shoe at the President. Luckily it didn't hit Bush as he smiled and held up his hand, doing his best "Stop in the name of love" impression.

I'm surprised the man who threw the shoe didn't go into full "Italian grandmother" mode and chase President Bush around the podium with his slipper and/or a rolling pin. Toss in a few rollers in his hair, a bathrobe, and a cup of coffee and you've got yourself a complete 1960's sitcom. To the moon, Bush!


JDizzle said...

How hilarious was that!!!! Notice how Bushie had a big smile on his face after the first shoe was thrown and how long it too his body guards to come out. haha The only thing that would have been better was if he got hit upside the head with it!

Anonymous said...

A little concerning that it takes the Secret Service that long to get to someone. He couldve been shot 14 times by then....great job guys.

Rachel said...

W purposely held up because he knew HE not the fit-pitching dbag would get the blame.

Now I would've given him props if he said to the schmuck "Now would you have done that to Saddam?"

Of course, though, IBBB makes politcal malarkey cool... Italian grandmother...LOL.