Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad....then You Mix it Together and Get Mindy Cohn.....the Fact's of Life....the Fact's of Life....

People may want to quickly make fun of Mindy Cohn for packing on the pounds, but don't bother. She's fine with it. If you all recall (that rhymed), when Mindy was playing Natalie Green, she once brilliantly said, "Who wants to be a skinny pencil. I'm happy being a magic marker!" I'm sure Blair was two toothbrushes deep over the toilet while Natalie was spreading that piece of joy around Peekskill.

Mindy Cohn was getting a little exercise whist walking around Brentwood, CA the other day. Or maybe she was running errands. I have no idea. She's wearing "gym clothes" so I just assumed.

I'm glad we live in a world where the paparazzi are taking pictures of Mindy Cohn. I'm glad we live in a world where IBBB blogs about it. I'm glad we live in a world. Period.

Sidenote: Favorite Fact's of Life Episode --> The one where Tootie is tired of being treated like a little kid so she turns to alcohol.

Sidenote: Least Favorite Fact's of Life Episode --> The one where Natalie becomes depressed when she becomes a victim of a rape attempt. I was a little too young to even know what sex was, but I was still bummed out.

Sidenote: Random Fact's of Life Memory --> Pippa from the "Down Under" episodes. My sister's friend, Ang, called her a whore.


Taylor said...

She's ghey.

Alli said...

My fave was the one where someone hid cocaine in a lipstick case, gave me lots of good ideas as a kid!