Thursday, January 08, 2009

Audrina's New Teeth?? I Guess Santa IS Real!

Filed down teeth are the new boob jobs. You've heard it here first. Trend alert!

A hard working IBBB reader, Lady T, alerted me of a rumor spreading across the web like Paris Hilton's legs on a Saturday night. The rumor is, in fact, about Audrina's teeth. Did she file them down or didn't she? The new pictures above were sent to me for full teef analysis (or FTA)

While the teeth do look a bit smaller, I feel that Audrina's problem wasn't to much with the length, but more with the fact that they stuck out like wooden shingles on house during a Category 3 hurricane. Since they are still sticking out a bit, yet do look not as "lengthy" I will go with my educated guess that Audina's teef have been "worked on." Oh, and by "worked on" I really mean "hammered back up and into her head."

Now, if she can just slap on a pair of Invislign's to push those puppies back into her mouth I know I could sleep better.

What do you d-bags think?

Thanks again to Lady T for being on high-alert and keeping up to date on everything teeth related.


carrie johnson fireboo said...

they sure a shorter..

but the eyes are still freaking me out

Anonymous said...

I still think she looks like she has down syndrome

JVee said...

Sorry to say, her teeth are the same size. Her upper lip is fuller, she got injections. So now it all looks more even. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I think I noticed her teefs being shorter on a Hills episode at least a month ago.

Methinks you are correct, sir.

Andrea said...

Full Teef Analysis?? Shingles on a house during a hurricane?Seriously -- you'll kill me. That's probably the funniest thing I've seen, heard or read all day. XOXO

bitemebitch said...

still has ceiling eyes that freak me out

Lorilea said...

i'm just wondering if she will ever be able to find eye makeup that doesn't smudge under her eyes.