Monday, January 05, 2009

LaToya Jackson Stole Janet's Hair, Michael's Chin and Sunglasses, and Paula Abdul's "Vibeology" Jacket.

Oh LaToya! You best be gettin' that switch from the tree and give it to Papa Joe because you're gonna catch the New Years beatin' of your life. He heeeeee! Shamore!

LaToya Jackson dusted off the shell of her former self and attended the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 red carpet in England over the weekend. Celebrity? Big Brother? Oh yeah? Well that's pretty optimistic. Although, I am glad that we live in a world where a Jackson's nose isn't hanging off.

Oh well. Just dance, it'll be ok da da doo doo. Spin that record LaToya da da doo doo.

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Anonymous said...

I like in the UK, want me to recap?!

It really is a hideous show, and funnily enough last night she did talk about the beatings she used to receive along with the fact that Janet would be watching every day!