Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh Paula, Paula, Paula, Paula. Sad, Really.

Give me an M!

Give me an E!

Give me a D!

Give me an S!

What does that spell? MEDS! What do you need? MEDS! What'd you forget to take? MEDS! MEDS! MEDS! MEDS!

Paula Abdul strapped on her high-heel sneakers, midget jeans, and put some 1982 tube socks on her arms and smiled, creepily, for the camera while she shot scenes for her terrible terrible terrible show (no, not American Idol) RAH! which filmed in New York City. Apparently you don't need a lot of anything to have an actual television show that's shown on, you know, actual television. Lucille Ball and Ed Sullivan must both be rolling around in their graves. I'm kidding. The worms have eaten them by now.


Anonymous said...

show was great and she is ADORABLE. you must be a really miserable unhappy person to hate on such a little sweetheart

Anonymous said...

I dont see whats sad about it? She looks happy and in great shape. You wish you looked like her at 46! (or even 26)

Anonymous said...

who are these new haters? they need to leave IBBB immediately...have they never read the blog before???

Anonymous said...

What's up with her high heeled gym shoes?

that's what she said...

yeah IBBB, you TOTALLY wish you looked like Paula Abdul at 26...even though you're a MAN BABY!!