Thursday, January 08, 2009

She By Sheree Ain't Got No Skillz, Y'all!

Everybodies favorite fab-uh-lous Real Housewife of Atlanta who loves to date famous ath-uh-letes is appealing her divorce settlement so she can, in fact, get her hands on a 7 fig-uh deal!

According to Sheree Whitfield has been painted, by her lawyers, as a "high school graduate with limited skills to earn income." Therefore, she'll need her 7 fig-uh settlement. I agree with the lawyers. Although she does put on a killer fashion show without any fashions (how dreadful).

Sheree heads back to court on Jan 12th to see if she can get her mitts on some extra cash money. You know NeNe is ready to write a drunken song about Sheree and her divorce settlement. Hopefully Kim will text message her calling her a "low budget bitch." Oh how I miss them all.

Click here to read the details of the current divorce agreement.

Thanks, Siobhan, for the info!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand that money hungry chick. Get a job bitch!.

Taylor said...


Dreadful is a part of my regular vocabulary now.

Thanks Dwight !

its fab o lus