Monday, January 05, 2009

Sure This Isn't News, But I Was Curious to See Who Shows Up for Samantha Harris' Birthday

You know that chick from E! News and Dancing With the Stars whose voice doesn't match her body? Yeah, well her name is Samantha Harris and she had a birthday party. Riveting, right? Well I wanted to see who attends a "Samantha Harris" party at the Blush Nightclub at Wynn in Viva Las Vegas.

I have no clue why I find this so fascinating, but one of my idols, Seth MacFarlane was there. And.....yeah.....uh, that's about it. I have no clue what the connection is between Seth and Sarah, but he seems to show up with all the random people. Remember when he and Amanda Bynes were spotted together for like 2-weeks? No idea. Pretty pointless, I know. However, I felt like writing about it and, well, this is my blog so I make up the rules. I also make up laws, but that's another story for another time for different people under different circumstances.

The end.

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