Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technical Difficulties!

The new IBBB was supposed to launch on Monday....but got mess up. Then it was supposed to launch this morning.....but got messed up. I am hoping and praying to my Jesus Claus that it gets fixed today so I can post my "City Recap" which I have done.
So thanks for the patience and check back throughout the day for an update! The Internet and websites are tricky.



Liz said...

I await your recap and the new site!

I can only imagine you have things to say about Adam's insanely shiny jacket and the fact that they are STILL going on and on about this hookup...why don't they just have MTV roll back the tapes and just give them a definitive answer

Bernardo said...

Adam's black shiny jacket was actuality pretty cool...and may I say....I'm in love with that allie girl...don't care if you think she's boring or whatever she's gorgeous. much more interesting then Whitney.
But if i didn't knew this is 100% made up and scripted show I would say she is the dumbest female on earth for believing adam .

Jeannette said...

Allie has the biggest eye lids ever!! You could fit like a whole script on her eye lid, thats what adam uses to read his lines.

Anonymous said...

um...allie is ugly.

i figured she was one of those models they talk about on ANTM that just look weird but are still marketable.

Trac3 said...

I think Olivia shutting down Whitney about the high school escapades of her friends, should have been just replayed for the entire 21 mins of the show. That was f'n hilarious.

robyn said...

IBBB your killin' me here..i need my City Recap fix!!! its the only thing i look forward to on tuesdays ha ha. Hope the site is up and running soon!

e said...


Can I be your best friend if I give you the link to an Olivia Palermo blog?


I immediately thought of you.

xo (even though they're not from Liv)

The Waspy Redhead said...

Olivia's cousin makes me want to kill myself. Good luck with the new site!

meelsie said...

I am wetting my pants with excitement for the new site... With a City recap AND Harriet Carter Wednesday I hope! Hurry back!!