Thursday, February 05, 2009

The "B Team" of The Hills Has a Reunion!

I don't want to oversell this, but....JACKPOT! Remember Brian and Jordan from the first season of The Hills? One of them played the boyfriend of Heidi and the other played the kid who was chasing after Oddrina.

(Insert sarcastic overtone) I'm sure these dudes are kicking themselves for not sticking with those two prizes. Just think, fella's, today you two could be Justin Bobby and Spencer Pratt.

Anyscript, those two dudes and LC's ex-boyfriend/ex-Laguna Beach cast member, Jason Wahler, were all bloated smiles as they attended the premiere of "2 Dudes and a Dream" in LA the other night.

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While Kristin Cavallari was not ever in The Hills, she was in Lagina Creek and also attended this event....and I sweat Kristin so I decided to add her photo too.

If you like The Hills recap check out all that is Jersey Shore, the new show by MTV, that features characters like Snooki, The Situation, Jenni JWoww and more! I know I'm dumber for writing it, so you should be dumber for reading the Jersey Shore Recaps!

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JVee said...

SUCH a jackpot!

Best part of this pic, besides the random chubby guy of course, is the fact that Brian and Jordan are wearing some douchebag rented tuxedos! Prom night style! I'm sure they went $50 a head for the limo ride to this event.

Anonymous said...

Kristin is so desperate.