Monday, February 02, 2009

I've Been Pretty Busy Lately. Can Someone Drop Me a Quick Email When the Backlash Begins With These Two? Thanks.

I know. I'm terrible. However, is it just me or is it like "enough already" with all this Slumdog Millionaire business? Now I've never seen this movie so I am, of course, simply basing this off of all the award shows and interviews I see these two on.

We get it, you're surprised you got nominated. We get it, you're surprised you won. We get it, this is a big deal. But if I need to see this kid look like he's about to blow his load every time he's on stage I'm going to have to change the channel and by "change the channel" I actually mean "sit there, watch it, and bitch about it."

And what's with their accents? Where are they from? Are those British accents? I'm not really cultured, clearly, so I always have a puzzled look on my face when these two open their mouths. I guess I just assume that when they're about to talk they're going to sound like tech support for my Toshiba laptop.

Damn you, Slumdog Millionaire, damn you. Just when people FINALLY stopped saying, "Is that your final answer" you bring it back.

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel attend the 61st Annual DGA Awards at the Hyatt in LA over the weekend. Nice job matching your bow tie with her dress. I'd like to order 2 8x10's of your prom pictures. Oh, and toss in a couple 4x6 wallets.

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Anonymous said...

mate , i love your blog, i thik your brilliant but don't rip dev! honestly, he's funny as fuck, a normal lad, not like those douche bag actors you have in america. download the tv show Skins - he used to play the character anwar. it's quality and i bet you'd love it. and of course they're british, they're from england.