Monday, February 02, 2009

So Who's Watching Sober House?

So who loves Sober House as much as I do? I love it. And I don't even mean it in a typical d-bag way I usually do about things. I actually enjoy this show. If you haven't seen it, it's not train-wreck TV. It's almost like Intervention where these people legit have problems and you hope they really do get better. You have to give these people credit for not only trying to get the help that they need, but also that they're on national television showing everyone their struggle. Kudos to them.

Ok, now that the "niceness paragraph" is completed, can we talk about how much these folks in rehab love chewing gum? You guys, recovering addicts love gum! They love to chew gum really dramatically too! Who's noticed this? They chew gum like they're trying to grind up rocks in their mouth. It's great. I'm fascinated by this. The two biggest offenders are Nikki McKibbin and Amber Smith. Amber's pretty hot, by the way. I mean, her hotness goes down a couple notches when she's talking all whilst dramatically chewing her Bubblicious, but I wouldn't toss her out of bed for getting Oreo crumbs on the sheets.

Who saw the episode where Steven Adler was on heroin and got arrested? Insane. I was watching it hoping that no one ever filmed me whilst I was drunk because I feel like there would be times where I looked the same as Steve Adler.

And what's up with Jennifer Gimenez? She's the "house mother" and recovering addict as well, but she seems like she's not mentally strong enough to deal with this. She's even crying whilst reading the group prayer. Take a breath.

By the way, all the photos above are from scenes where they're dramatically chewing gum. Yes, I'm a loser.


Lisa D said... like the word "whilst" :-)

I swear, every new show you bring up, I am currently watching. Makes me think that you and I both watch a lot of TV!

Amy said...

I absolutely love this show and I said the exact same thing when that guy was on heroin -- scary. The best part was when he kept asking the camera crews where his bedroom was. God, television is so great.